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  • Must-to-know English words, phrases, expressions if you work as a webcam model


    The following page is made for helping newbie webcam models to learn the most-often used expressions, phrases, abbreviations they might see while chatting with visitors. It is important to know them since members like to shorten words and you can communicate faster also by using them. If you know any other words, phrases, expressions that are commonly-used among webcam models and viewers than feel free to send me an email and I do my best to publish it as soon as possible, thank you!


    shortened words

    Commonly-used abbreviations in the adult webcam industry


    MILF = Mother/Mom/Mum I’d Like to Fuck”
    BBW = Big Beautiful Woman
    DP = Double Penetration, one penis (or dildo) in anus, and the other in her vagina.
    BDSM = Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission
    B&D = Bondage and Discipline.
    A2M = Ass to Mouth. Penis, finger or toy comes out of receiver’s anus, and goes directly into receiver’s mouth.
    BJ = Blow Job, means sucking
    HJ = Hand Job, means maturbating
    MFF = Threesome designation: Male, Female, Female.
    MFM = Threesome designation: Male, Female, Male.
    MMF = Threesome designation: Male, Male, Female.
    CIM = Cum in Mouth
    COF = Cum on Face
    cam2cam = cam-to-cam, two way video chat, when the model see the member’s webcam as well
    voice2voice = two way audio, when the model hear the member’s microphone as well


    Shortened words, acronyms, chat abbreviations (very important)


    aka = also known as
    asap = as soon as possible
    b4 = before
    ur = your
    u2 = you too
    brb = be right back

    DM = direct message
    btw = by the way
    cus = because
    b/c = because
    idk = I do not know
    FYI = for your information
    lol = laugh out loud
    msg = message
    oic = Oh, I see
    PM = private message
    pls / plz = please
    syl = see you later
    thx = thanks
    str8 = straight
    afk = away from keyboard
    cu = see you
    nc = no comment
    otp = on the phone
    sry = sorry
    wtf = what the fuck?
    yw = you are welcome
    abt = about
    asl = age, sex, location
    atm = at this moment
    awa = as well as
    bf = boyfriend
    gf = girlfriend
    omg = oh my god
    omfg = oh my fucking god
    STFU = shut the fuck up


  • Database for Webcam Models and Studios


    Working in the adult webcam business for more than 6 years I always missed a site that summarize the most important pieces of information in this industry. After a singificant collection I decided to create this site, I hope you will find the information you are looking for. If you miss anything form the site than feel free to send me an email and I do my best to publish it as soon as possible.

    • you are a model looking for an adult webcam site to work on but has not decided yet which one to choose
    • you are a model already working on a webcam site but would like to check the other sites’ offers (best model percentages, member referral programs, payout dates, etc)
    • you are interested in working as a webcam model (chat host) and you have some fears, questions
    • you are interested in working as a webcam model (chat host) and you would like to find the best WEBCAM (VIDEOCHAT) STUDIO to work in
    • you are interested in the Adult Webcam Industry (want to be a studio, model, etc) and your English Vocabulary is not sufficient in the Adult Webcam Business



    • LIST OF TOP ADULT WEBCAM SITES: descriptions of the best Adult Webcam Sites from Studios’ and Models’ point of view including their main characteristics (site facts)

    This sub-page will answer for you these questions:


    • Which adult webcam sites pay the best percentage (%) for Models / Studios?
    • Which adult webcam sites pay the fastest?
    • When do the adult webcam sites send the payouts?
    • Which adult webcam sites accept Paxum / Payoneer / Wire transfer / Check etc as payment methods?
    • Which adult webcam sites pay for referring / inviting Members and how much?
    • Which adult webcam sites can I earn extra money with competitions, contests?
    • Where can I find the official FAQ page of the adult webcam sites?
    • Which adult webcam sites pay me bonus for inviting other Models to the site?


  • Be a Webcam Model

    Be a Webcam Model

    Work as webcam model at your home! Make thousands of dollars, be your own boss…Do not hesitate, start to make money, start to change your life!
    Have you ever thought about working from the comfort of your home? There are tons of jobs advertised that can be made from home. Unfortunately most of them are fake ones and you also need to pay some ‘signup fees’ and when you start it you realise that nothing is like it was promised. Allow me to offer you now a different type of job that you can do from your home any time of the day and as much as you wish without any schedules.

    I tell you now what it is: Webcam Modeling. Before you say a definite ‘no’ allow me to help you to understand what it is exactly.

    Is it porn? Definitely not! This job has nude and non-nude sections, so if you decide so, you do not need to perform any naked shows at all, you may sit only in a non-nude category and chat with the Visitors about anything. Of course if you decide so you can try the nude sections as well. Are you afraid that you are not that slim and very beautiful person? Rest assured, there are a lot of Visitors on these sites looking for different type of persons. Some of them look for slim girls while some of them prefer other type of girls. Furthermore if you plan to be in a non-nude section of the site then your personality will be much more important than you appearance. Do not be afraid to try this type of job, it is worth a try, you will see if it is suitable for you or not.

    Webcam modeling just means chatting live on webcam on your computer, and earning incredible money for it. Anyone can be a great webcam model. No experience is required. Nudity is not a must and your privacy is guaranteed.

    There are tons of success stories when the webcam model found his actual boyfriend/husband on adult webcam sites and of course a lot of performers collect an amaizing amount of money for making their dream come true (own flat, car, paying the college / univercity, etc). On the most successful adult live webcam site the most popular performers earns more than 20.000 $ in two weeks, so they earn more than 40.000 $ in a month! Of course it is a huge money and it is also true that your aim should not be this but to check your talents and opportunities by webcam modelling. I guess making only 1000 $ in a month is a great amount as well, you may try this job any time, if you are unemployed then it is a great choice for you, if you have just free time for trying it out then you can easily generate plus incomes. If you want to have just some fun then it is also a good idea to try this offer, you will meet a lot of interesting people, You will not regret it since there are a lot of persons doing this job already and most of them were sceptic first as you are now.

    I gladly help you any time with any questions you have, if you need help to sign up on any sites feel free to let me know by email: [email protected] and I answer you as soon as possible.

    Do you still have basic questions about webcam modeling? Send me an email to [email protected] and I assist you gladly.

    Now allow me to suggest you the best sites to try out:



    XloveCam.com Holiday Season Contest: If you are an independent model and you generate more than 500Euros payout for the last period of 2013, we guarantee that you will win a Logitech TK820 Keyboard and multi-touch-pad. Working from a bed or a couch this fantastic keyboard will improve your confort and productivity. Cick here to Signup on XLoveCam.com if you do not have an account yet

    • XLoveCam.com is on the market since 2006 and since then the site is growing rapidly. The site has a spectacular flash-based operation with great visual effects.
    • The site is European (French) and for today they have a lot of niche sites. XLove.com and XLoveus.com are whitelables, the niche sites are listed here:
    • XLoveCam.com is available on more languages for Models and Studios, these are: Czech, Russian, French, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish. Just choose the desired language at the top-right side of the page at the country flags.
    • Payout percentage for Models: 50%
    • Member referal program: 20% extra from what the customers you bring to Xlovecam spend with you and also extra 20% from what they spend with other models.
    • Payment methods: Wire transfer, XLC CARD. The minimum payout limit is: 120$ in case of both payout ways.
    • Payout dates: every 15 days
    • Online Support is available HERE
    • The site has a great guide for Models and Studios including FAQ, tips, descriptions, technical assistance. You also can find here the recommended webcamcamers, how to set them up and how to provide a fluent, clear HD camera feed, how to set up your room, lighting etc.

    Check it out here: EXTENSIVE MODEL & STUDIO GUIDE

    • A separated FAQ page for Models can be found here: MODEL FAQ



  • Payoneer


    • If you are already or would like to be a Performer or a Studio PAYONEER is the best way to get paid by the sites you work on.
    • All Adult Live Webcam Sites allow this payment method so once you have the PAYONEER CARD you will be able to get all your generated incomes via that.payoneer_promo
    • Most Performers and Studios have a PAYONEER ACCOUNT since when a transfer arrives you get it immediately, there are no delays or waiting times.
    • The PAYONEER CARD bears the MasterCard logo, and is used just as you would use any other MasterCard debit card: At any ATM, at the grocery store, and anywhere that MasterCard is accepted. You can use the online banking features provided by Payonner — at payoneer.com — to check your balances and activity at any time.
    • Payoneer is available world-wide: If ATMs are common in your country, and/or MasterCards are common in your country, Payoneer’s prepaid MasterCards will work in your country. International Bank Transfers are available just about anywhere that there’s a bank.
    • Use the card in your country in an ATM and get the payout in your own currency.

    * Refer your friends to PAYONEER and get paid! Earn $25 for each referral. Even better, your friends will earn $25 too!





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