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  • Must-to-know English words, phrases, expressions if you work as a webcam model


    The following page is made for helping newbie webcam models to learn the most-often used expressions, phrases, abbreviations they might see while chatting with visitors. It is important to know them since members like to shorten words and you can communicate faster also by using them. If you know any other words, phrases, expressions that are commonly-used among webcam models and viewers than feel free to send me an email and I do my best to publish it as soon as possible, thank you!


    shortened words

    Commonly-used abbreviations in the adult webcam industry


    MILF = Mother/Mom/Mum I’d Like to Fuck”
    BBW = Big Beautiful Woman
    DP = Double Penetration, one penis (or dildo) in anus, and the other in her vagina.
    BDSM = Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission
    B&D = Bondage and Discipline.
    A2M = Ass to Mouth. Penis, finger or toy comes out of receiver’s anus, and goes directly into receiver’s mouth.
    BJ = Blow Job, means sucking
    HJ = Hand Job, means maturbating
    MFF = Threesome designation: Male, Female, Female.
    MFM = Threesome designation: Male, Female, Male.
    MMF = Threesome designation: Male, Male, Female.
    CIM = Cum in Mouth
    COF = Cum on Face
    cam2cam = cam-to-cam, two way video chat, when the model see the member’s webcam as well
    voice2voice = two way audio, when the model hear the member’s microphone as well


    Shortened words, acronyms, chat abbreviations (very important)


    aka = also known as
    asap = as soon as possible
    b4 = before
    ur = your
    u2 = you too
    brb = be right back

    DM = direct message
    btw = by the way
    cus = because
    b/c = because
    idk = I do not know
    FYI = for your information
    lol = laugh out loud
    msg = message
    oic = Oh, I see
    PM = private message
    pls / plz = please
    syl = see you later
    thx = thanks
    str8 = straight
    afk = away from keyboard
    cu = see you
    nc = no comment
    otp = on the phone
    sry = sorry
    wtf = what the fuck?
    yw = you are welcome
    abt = about
    asl = age, sex, location
    atm = at this moment
    awa = as well as
    bf = boyfriend
    gf = girlfriend
    omg = oh my god
    omfg = oh my fucking god
    STFU = shut the fuck up